Main program

PhyDE-1, v0.9971 ZIP compressed JAR file.
Unzip, and then execute with java -jar PhyDE-1.jar

The current version is 0.9971 from Nov 23., 2010.


abi2scf Converts ABI files to SCF.
saveheader Write header data of alignment files to text file.
SeqState Primer design, sequence statistics, and indel coding according to various schemes.
PRAP2Parsimony- and likelihood ratchet analysis
Installation: A plugin consists of at least two files: A description (.dsc) file and an executable (.jar). For installation, unzip the archive and move its contents into PhyDE's "plugins"-folder in the directory "PhyDE-Data".

System requirements

PhyDE runs on every system with the Java 1.5 Runtime environment (aka Java 5) or newer installed.

What's new in 0.997?

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